Butler Parents of Exceptional Children, Serving special needs children in Butler New Jersey

Our Exceptional Kids at the hard work of "PLAY"

Butler PEC Offers the following services.

  • Parent Orientation

    Are you the parent of a newly classified child, or a parent of a child entering the school from early intervention?  Butler PEC parent orientation will help you to understand the special education process. By getting firsthand knowledge from fellow parents who have been through the steps already, we can take the confusion and mystery out of the procedures and terminology of special education in the public school system.
  • Parent Resource Center

    Butler PEC can help parents who need help finding out what services are available for their children and information about the laws that protect their children.

  • Kid-to-Kid Mentoring

    Typical children are trained to assist and befriend children with special needs. This raises acceptance and awareness and provides for socialization with non-disabled peers. Go to our Kid-to-Kid Mentoring page for more details.
  • Recreation and Socialization

    Butler PEC offers several Recreation and Social programs. Check our Programs and Events page for current offerings.


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