Butler Parents of Exceptional Children, Serving special needs children in Butler New Jersey

Our Exceptional Kids at the hard work of "PLAY"


Our Mission: 

The Butler Parents of Exceptional Children Inc. mission is to improve the quality of life and education for children with special needs and raise public awareness of their needs and talents. We will also support fellow parents of children with special needs in Butler and the surrounding communities.


Our Objectives:

  • To provide parents of exceptional children with information that will support child achievement and empower parents with the knowledge to become advocates for their children.

  • To provide parents of exceptional children a forum to share concerns, difficulties and triumphs with fellow exceptional parents.

  • To work with community officials, leaders, and organizations to create and modify activities for the special needs population.

  • To create open, positive, and effective lines of communication with school officials concerning the educational needs of exceptional children, and to work with our local schools to improve special education services available in Butler.


Bobby Worldwide Approved

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