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What is Kid-to-Kid Mentoring? 

Kid to Kid Mentoring is a volunteer program that gives kids ages 8 and up a chance to do a community service by helping children with special needs take part in sports, activities, or just develop friendships.   Mentors are given hands-on training about various disabilities.  They can then participate in programs that interest them.

Mentors receive certificates of community service for their time.  Kid-to-Kid Mentoring brings friendships and hope to children and their families, and in return, brings a sense of accomplishment to those who volunteer.  It is an incredible contribution that impacts the community and the future.


Kid-to-Kid Mentor Training. 

Butler PEC will give information and provide hands on learning that will help to educate those interested in being a mentor about our children with special needs.  You will learn about various conditions such as autism, visual and hearing impairments, developmental disabilities, etc.  The training stations will give the opportunity to “feel” what it is like to have a disability and how to work with and be a companion to children with special needs.  A certificate of completion will be awarded to all who attend.  The certificate will enable you to work with any of our special needs programs in Butler.



If you have questions or your child would like to be a mentor in the Kid-to-Kid Mentoring program please contact Butler PEC at (973) 283-9788 or butlerpec@optonline.net


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