Butler Parents of Exceptional Children, Serving special needs children in Butler New Jersey

Our Exceptional Kids at the hard work of "PLAY"


     In June of 2004, a group of concerned parents who wanted to serve an active role in the education and social development of their children with special needs got together to make a difference for their kids. We soon realized our group needed to be a child-centered organization, serving only the parents of children with special needs would fall far short of making any real change for not only our children, but all the children in Butler.  By October, we had selected our Officers and Board of Trustee members, drafted our bylaws and mission statement, and became a non-profit organization.  Butler PEC was born to serve children with special needs and to aid their families.




We are parent-driven, and look to make Butler a better place for children with special needs.  In the process, we think Butler will be a better place for all people to live.





President - Frank Rivera

Vice-President - Andy Lugo

Secretary - Dawn Sabeh

Treasurer - Grace Rivera

Board of Trustees

Maria Bross     Tricia Giordano     Steven Sabeh


Communications / Public Relations
Recreation / Mentoring
Acceptance and Awareness / Education
Fundraising / Grants


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